X-Lite 4.9.2

This is a free cross-platform program that aims to help users transition from traditional phone service to VoiP

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    Internet phone

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows Vista / Windows NT / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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    5.6 (145)

X-Lite is one of the most popular SIP based softphones on the VoIP market. CounterPath offers this basic app for free so that potential consumers can test it out on their systems and gain confidence using CounterPath's line of products. X-Lite is not attached with any VoIP service, so users who want to make voice and video calls must either have it specifically designed with an Internet Protocol PBX system for internal communication or activate an SIP account with a VoIP service provider.

Summary of X-Lite's Features

The X-Lite app has a sleek, user-friendly interface that digitally incorporates the tasks of a traditional phone with a user's Internet activities. Installation and setting up are relatively simple, with the condition that the user has the necessary information and credentials, which include information for the SIP account, authorization name, username and password, firewall movement, domain and other network data. All of this information can be provided by the network administrator if the user is employing the app from their VoIP service provider or in an internal VoIP system under PBX.

X-Lite manages chat and instant messaging under the user's buddy list. The user receives notification of who is online or not and receives their contacts' statuses. In addition, the IM window provides emoticons and text formatting.

The X-Lite app can support voicemail if the service provider offers it. In order to read voicemail, the user only has to click on an embedded voicemail icon found on X-Lite's interface when they receive a notification.

X-Lite comes with a range of audio and video codecs. There is an option that allows the user to select and enable which audio ( i.e., BroadVoice-32, G.711, Speex, DV14, etc.) and which video codec (H.263 and H.263+1998) they want to use.


  • Free download and install
  • Zero-touch configuration
  • Uninstall function works well
  • Stable
  • Feature-rich
  • Works with most SIP-based VoIP services and IP PBXs
  • Video quality of the X-Lite is very good
  • Comprehensive personal address book
  • Provides users with easy access to video and address book management
  • App is a good tool for traditional phone use, instant messaging and high compression video calls or conference calls
  • Reduces phone expenses while maintaining quality communication
  • Works with a high-speed broadband Internet connection
  • The user can select their service type for signaling, voice and video
  • There is an X-Lite version for Windows (with multiple versions), Mac and Linux
  • X-Lite includes an interface for configuring voice and video quality


  • Most business-related features are not included in the app
  • Heavy on resources; requires hardware 1GB memory and 50 MB of hard disk space
  • Users who want additional features will need to buy more enhanced products like EyeBeam and Bria
  • No support from manufacturer
  • Few configuration options

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